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Welcome to C.J. Stommel & Associates Automotive Auctioneers

As a full service Automotive Auction, we have been in business since 1969, serving many of the leading Oil & Gas and Service Companies in the disposal of their surplus fleet Cars, Trucks and Equipment. Such companies include Apache Corporation; Carter Blood Care; Champion Technologies; City of Stafford,Tx; City of Richmond,Tx; Dominican Sisters Convent; Environcon Systems;Geokinetics; Global Geophysical Services,Graco Mechanical; Jetta Operating; Oil States Energy Service; Pappas Restaurants, Inc.; Quail Valley Utility District; Scott Macon, Ltd.; Severn Trent Environmental Service; Texas Iron Works; Waukesha Pearce Industries; Weatherford; and Williams Brothers Construction, to name a few.

Our standard service includes picking up your surplus vehicles within a 700-mile radius from Houston, Texas, and transporting them to our 3-acre Auction facility located at 4621 Gasmer Drive, Houston, Texas 77035.  After arrival, a detailed condition report is prepared for each vehicle.  After the paperwork is completed, we determine if any minor repairs, such as a battery being replaced or if a flat tire repair is needed, and make these repairs as necessary.  If more than $50.00 in repairs is required and we feel it will be beneficial to the sale of the vehicle, we will contact you for the approval to go forward with these repairs.  These charges will then be deducted from the gross sales price at the time of settlement.  The vehicles are then thoroughly cleaned inside and outside in preparation for inclusion in our next auction.

We conduct an auction every 4 weeks at our auction facility at 4621 Gasmer Drive, Houston, Texas 77035.  In order to assure maximum exposure of your vehicles to potential buyers, an Auction flyer is mailed one week in advance of the auction to over 1000 of our permanent buyers nationwide, thus ensuring a large number of serious bidders at each auction.

After the auction, a detailed, computer-generated sales invoice is prepared for each vehicle sold. This sales invoice and a check for the net proceeds are then presented to you in exchange for the titles.  We perform all title work, and copies of these transactions are kept on file for future reference.

C.J. Stommel & Associates carries substantial liability insurance as well as collision, comprehensive and workmen's comprehensive insurance.  These policies take effect at the time we pick up your vehicle.

The fee for our services within the 700-mile radius of Houston, Texas is 10% of the Gross Sales Price of each vehicle sold plus a $75.00 fee for cleanup and transportation per vehicle.  In the event your vehicles are located outside the 700-mile radius of Houston, Texas, we would be happy to quote the transportation charge upon your request.

By our company in effect acting as an extension of your Fleet Department, the necessity of personnel to transport vehicles to the home office, spending valuable field time in collecting and evaluating local bids, collecting and processing payment, and processing title work is virtually eliminated.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce C.J. Stommel & Associates Automotive Auctioneers.  Please feel free to call us any time with questions concerning your vehicle and transportation needs. We look forward to being of service to you.